The CESAGRAM Knowledge Hub is created in order to promote the project’s outcomes, raise awareness on Child Sexual Abuse and contribute to the building of expertise. It is designed including, amongst others, a resource library and list of organizations with relevant expertise. The development of the CESAGRAM Knowledge hub aims at building a network of expertise, share opinion pieces and blogs, inform and be informed on events and opportunities in the sector, but also promote the CESAGRAM’s results and encourage further collaborative working.

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The number of people, including children, falling victim to human trafficking and child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSA/CSE) around the world continues to grow, despite increased international attention and resources. In Europe, sexually exploited women and girls make up the majority of human trafficking victims. Moreover, assistance to victims is often limited by the lack of coordination among stakeholders. In this context, the EU-funded HEROES project will explore how to use the latest technological advances and new strategies to prevent and combat CSA/CSE and human trafficking, investe the crimes and better protect victims. It will develop an ambitious, interdisciplinary, international and victim-centred approach. Its aim is to establish a coordinated contribution with law enforcement agencies to address the specific needs of victims and provide protection. To achieve its main goal, the HEROES project’s strategies and solutions, focus on three fundamental pillars to fight against THB and CSA/CSE crimes: Prevention, Investigation and Victim Assistance.

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EITHOS Project has been created in response to the boom of Online Identity Theft (OIDT). The observatory will contribute to the prevention, detection, and mitigation of OIDT-related crime and act as a common platform for OIDT information and intelligence in Europe.
EITHOS empowers European citizens, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), and policy makers in the fight and prevention against Online Identity Theft related crime. Through targeted awareness campaigns and innovative engagement activities, EITHOS aims to raise public awareness about Online Identity Theft and associated risks and societal impact. The website acts as a hub centralising key information and various materials on OIDT and related trends.

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Prevent and Protect through Support (2PS) is an EU funded project (2022-2025) that brings prevention to the forefront aiming to prevent harm to children before it occurs. 2PS is offering a paradigm shift in the approach to tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE) across Europe. This project will lead to better understanding what leads to harmful behavior, informing and educating people who fear they might offend against children about the support services and rehabilitation options they have and sharing the best practices for guidance, therapy and treatment methods with important stakeholders.

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ALUNA project proposes an innovative, ambitious, interdisciplinary, international child-protection-centered approach to fight against CSA/CSE crimes. ALUNA focuses on the three main components (Prevention, Investigation, and Victim Assistance) to establish a coordinated contribution with law enforcement agencies (LEAs) by developing an appropriate approach that is capable of addressing specific needs and providing protection to childhood. The ALUNA project’s main objective is to use technology to improve the way in which help and support can be provided to victims of CSA/CSE. Moreover, the ALUNA project will establish new innovative strategies that in the short, medium, and long term will improve the way in which LEAs and civil society organisations (CSOs) carry out criminal investigations, assist rescued victims, and prevent the occurrence of these crimes.

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POLIIICE vision is to advance European LEAs to a novel lawful-interception, investigation and intelligence era in which they will be able to effectively prevent, detect and investigate crime and terrorism amid the new age of communication (5G&Beyond, end-to-end encrypted communication and Quantum based encryption).

POLIIICE is designed for ensuring the cost-effectiveness, security and integrity of the new age LI and will provide the legal and ethical framework for each of its measures while strictly complying with privacy preserving and ethics rules of operation. POLIIICE will contribute to the LI standardization and will recommend EU regulation changes for effective adaptation of POLIIICE vision and innovative LI measures.

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6. Educational Rubric

ICMEC has online training resources for families for online child sexual abuse and exploitation, which include

7. Events
05 August 2024
All day

International Conference on Child Abuse (ICCA) – Amsterdam, Netherlands

06 September 2024
All day

International Conference on Child Abuse, Physical and Psychological Effects (ICCAPPE) – Málaga, Spain

06 September 2024
All day

International Conference on Causes and Consequences of Child Abuse (ICCCCA)

04 November 2024
All day

International Conference on Child Abuse, Prevention and Treatment (ICCAPT) – Nicosia, Cyprus

09 December 2024
All day

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