The initial pilot testing of the AI tool, was successfully conducted on the 25th of April 2024 in the context of the “CESAGRAM-Towards a Comprehensive European Strategy Against tech-facilitated Grooming And Missing” project.

The testing took place at KEMEA’s premises, with the invaluable participation and contribution of the frontline officers of the Hellenic Police and the technical provider, CERTH.

The development of the project’s AI tool focuses on the facilitation of the prevention and detection of grooming content online, aiming to safeguard the online spaces against groomers for sexual purposes in order to effectively protect children.

A realistic use case scenario led the participants on their path in testing the tool. The participants engaged into fruitful discussions and provided substantial feedback for the amelioration of the functionalities of the AI tool.

The provision of data to train the tool is the next step forward,so as to allow early identification and prevention when there is an indication of risk of online grooming.

The main objectives of the first pilot test were to identify the first impressions of the end-users in relation to the tools developed and gather input on how they can be further improved to fully address the needs of Law Enforcement Agents dealing with cases of online grooming. The final pilot test of the AI tool is scheduled for October 2024.

Prevention of online and offline offending against children is crucial for combating online child sexual abuse, until the new EU law providing a long-term legal framework for the detection of online child sexual abuse enters into force.


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